IIoTuesday -- 1+1 equals better sleep

Industrial applications working on critical infrastructure require high availability to ensure the trains keep running and the water keeps flowing.  If the networks supporting this infrastructure are not available then the operators are blind to the status of what is happening in the field.  Or even worse, operations must be halted until the network is restored.  In order to prevent these outages, cnReach supports two high-availabilty options.  The first is a traditional 1+1 hot standby master station that has redundant radios, power supplies and a supervisory function to monitor cutover in case of a failure.  The second approach leverages the built-in roaming feature on cnReach where each end point can 'roam' to an avaiable access point in case it's primary access point is no longer available.

Deploying either of these approaches reduces the likelihood of getting called out of bed at night and reduces anxiety across the board.

- Bruce

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