Im a new wisp in nz and need urgent help

Hi there guys im a new wisp in new zeland
and i am needing sum help from sum pros
how does canopy work with thoughput E.G

how many customers using 2mbits can i run on 1 ap

and what equipment will need to support 2000 customers in a 10km range wanting 2mbits down and up

1 AP can serve up to 200 subscribers. 1 AP cluster includes up to 6 APs, so you will need a few AP clusters for supporting 2000 customers. The clusters should be positioned at different points, or at a one point, but to operate in different frequencies.

The aggregate throughput (both for uplink and downlink) is 6.2 Mbps for an ordinary AP and 14 Mbps for an Advantage AP. You can set up subscribers modules to use 2Mbps throughput, but the number of custumers one AP can serve will depends on their real traffic usage.

Look at faq here