Im Confused

I thought -46 is a better that -98 we just got a new 30mb backhaul and anything over -85, such as 55- seem to have high interference someone please help me understand. I’m confused now.

The stronger the signal, the lower the number (negative db, or closer to 0). So -60 would be a stronger signal than -80 but is the RSSI you are looking at your signal? Make sure to look at Jitter and link test percentages as the true test. The RSSI is “relative” and you could be picking up an interfering signal. Just my 2 cents.

There may be a strong source of interference nearby.

As pointed out, signal level alone does not ensure a quality link.

Where are these results comming from ? If they are comming from the spectrum analyzer - then the frequency range that has a -46 is not your equipment and therefore you should be as far away from that signal as possible. This is what is referred to as Noise Floor. You will always want your noise floor as far away from your actual signal as possible as well as any frequencies within a 20 - 30 Mhz range around that frequency. This will allow full use of the equipments link. However this is not always possible in situations where multiple links are used in close proximity to each other. This is when your job gets REALLY “fun”!!