Impact of throughput monitoring

Is their any drawback or performance hit to turning on the RF Throughput Monitoring, i noticed its off by default... 

It does take some memory and CPU cycles, but overall I haven't noticed any performance impact on PMP100 or 450.

There was on the 430 which is why its disabled by default.  That being said, we haven't done measurements on 450 with this on for quite some time so we are doing that now to verify.  I don't expect there to be much impact on the 450 as of 13.2 SW or later.  For 450i, I expect zero impact.  You will probably find some impact if any, on larger sectors.

When we have results here we'll let you know but for now, I'd say go ahead and turn it on for 450 and 450i.

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How about the PMP100s?

Any Updates on this? 

I don't know that any measurements were ever taken on this.  This thread is more than 18 months old.

Deanc - Is your question related to a specific product?