Import Access Points

I don't know if I am just overlooking it or what, but I see there is a way to export Network Sites, Hubs and Access Points, but I am only seeing a way to import Networks Sites and PMP Links. How can you imports the Hubs and Access Points? Do you just import the Network Sites then add each Hub and Access Points one by one?

LINKPlanner does not offer "import Hubs" or "import Access Points" functionality.

To create a PMP network quickly,

  1. import Network Sites
  2. import Subscriber Sites
  3. create a PMP Equipment Template
  4. use "New Hub" to add hubs and access points
  5. use Best Server Analysis to connect the subscribers to the best access point

Does that help?


Just to add to Dave's reply. When you import PMP Links all of the network sites, subscriber sites, hubs and APs are created in order to create the required PMP Links.

I've attached a simple example that gives you the format of the CSV file. (I had to zip the file so that it could be attached to the forum.)

The APs and SMs will default to 5.8GHz / PMP450i, but you can apply an equipment template to update them to the required configuration.