importance of CMM/GPS

hey folks -

we have 6 towers, and over 600 SM’s out in the field. None of our towers have GPS syncing, and they are all within range of each other (10-15 miles). Of course, we’re starting to have a lot of problems.

i’m trying to make a case to my boss about the importance of GPS sync.

Have any of you solved major self-interference issues with GPS?


To the boss: “Our wireless srevice sucks because we didn’t know we had to use cluster manager units. Customers and leaving, revenue is droping, my hair is graying; all because we didn’t buy these cluster managers when we got the equipment for the towers… Without them, our service will continue to suck and get suckier (heh). The choice is to either spend the money that we should have spent in the first place to get a vital, necessarcy piece of Canopy equipment, or our Canopy service will continue to be improperally deployed and as a result, suck.”

Key points to make:
- We should have done this from the get-go
- This is a required piece of the Canopy system and opperating without it will cause the EXACT problems you are seeing.
- The more equipment you deploy, the more evident the problems are (that’s why you didn’t see the problems from the get-to)

I’ve been in your shoes before (I would imagine most of us have in one way or another), good luck.

print off pages 68-72 of the manual and have him read them. Better yet have him read the whole manual. If he doesn’t understand the importance after that maby he shouldn’t be your boss. How are you syncronizing the sites now? Just by having 1 AP generate for the whole site? Do you have alot of latency? dropped packets? high rereges that sort of thing? You have just been lucky so far the more you load the system the worse it will get. Log all this info down and ask him if you can start out with 2. put them on two clusters that are next to each other. pay attention to the area where those two overlap and see if those units improve. If you have substantial improvement and you will show him the results in black and white. What can he say then.

Also have him read the white paper on dtss in the library

my thoughts exactly.