importing .csv files into customer manager using excel

im trying to find the format i have to have my .csv file in order to import it into prizm using excel.
or is this even posible?
i have read the help file over and over again. maybe im missing something.
in the first row in my excel spreadsheet i input;

unique id
Customer Name
Customer Type
Home Phone
Work Phone
Mobile Phone
MAC Address

under unique id i just numbered it from 1 to …
then inputed the other information then saved the file as a .csv
when i try to inport this file into prizm the same error always comes up i have tryed a few diffrent things to try to get this to work but i havent ben able to.
the error is “” Unique Id column not found. ""
is there a way i can import an excel spredsheet into prizm or is there another program like it i can use?

I have not tried this but I assume you have tried capitalizing it like the error reports.