Improve modulation on one chain on PTP850C XPIC

Any Cambium 820C or 850C XPIC experts that can give us advice on how to get that last chain up to 4096QAM?

Just curious, what kind of throughput are you getting with the 850c in a 80mhz channel? Looking at implementing the 820c or 850c. You have xpic with dual radio?

All the questions you just asked are revealed in the photo I posted.

Oh flip, lol. Sorry I am not familiar with the interface, I see everything now that I look closer.

So as an update, this issue turned out to be noise on one side of the link. We had our licensed band coordinator find a new channel and moved to it, and all has been well:

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Wow that is impresive… cant wait to get my hands on a couple of these.