improve point-to-point radio link

Hello everyone, I am trying in all frequency bands to improve the following link and it has not been possible, some suggestion, the distance between each node is 3KM

What are your limits?

(In other words, what are you not allowed to do?)

Are you only interested in changing frequency, or can you...

- raise/lower the antenna(s)

- position the antenna(s) to take advantage of boundaries (walls, buildings, machinery, HVAC, etc.) that might block interference

- use ultra high performance antennas

- use larger antennas with narrower beamwidths

- identify potential interference sources and use RF screens to block them

- reduce the channel bandwidth

- increase the transmit power

- reduce the modulation mode

- use DFS to let each end of the link decide what's best

- etc.

In some cases, this is like trying to balance a marble on top of a bowling ball--one parameter directly affects another parameter. (For example, reducing the modulation mode can improve interference performance, but it also reduces the throughput.)