In house Training on ePMP 1000 at Bangladesh.

Dear Forum Member from Bangladesh

 I am very glad to inform all Bangladesh Forum user that we are going to arrange a "In House ePMP 1000 Training Session" for all WISP and bigger corporate user. We will continue this session from December 2014 to February 2015. During this period we will go to the WISP with equipment (AP, SM and eForce 100) and give a hands on training on this product. Also let the customer know about different parameters, their use and common troubleshoot. this Training will base on FW version 2.3. We have start to send proposal to the relative WISP and Corporate House. If any WISP do not receive our invitation and want to do this training they can knock me. 

Hope it will help our local customer to understand the solution and advantage of this product compare to other solution. 

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