Inaccurate "Session Drops" graph on ePMP.

Hey there, we've got an ePMP AP that has been frequently losing GPS sync and dropping customers.  On the "Session Drops" graph in cnMaestro, it shows no drops over the last few days, even though we know it dropped customers.  The only reason I knew it had lost sync was due to the "Session Time" for the SMs on the AP itself and the "GPS Sync State: Initializing" event I found in cnMaestro that matched up with the SM session times.  Interestingly, it was showing session drops due to GPS sync loss a week or so ago, so it was working properly before.  Curious if anybody else has noticed innacuracies in this graph.

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I have forwarded this to our support and development teams

@Nekomata, what version of cnMaestro are you running now and is it cloud or on-premises?

Do you know if the version of either your ePMP devices (or cnMaestro if on-premises) has been updated int he last week.  I'm asking that because I believe you stated that the cnMaestro was displaying the session drops correctly one week ago.  

(Note:  You can always click on a individual device in the tree and then click on the DETAILS tab so view the last few software update history for that device.)

We are running 2.2.0-r60 on-premises for cnMaestro.  We have not recently updated the firmware of our ePMP, they have been on 3.5.2 for a while now.