Inbound calls dropped after 170 seconds

Dear all,

we have deployed several R200 routers with 4.1R2, and some with 4.2R3 but all of them have this behaviour: inbound calls (and not outbound calls) are dropped exactly after 170 seconds. It's not a matter of SIP server beacause other voipe Gateways and ATAs don't have the same problem.

I have a ticket opened with support still not solved and it seems a problem related with SIP refresh timer.

It's strange nobody mentioned this here.

What about your experience?

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We apologize for the delay in resolving this issue.

Our Engineering team is working on it.Meanwhile please share the details of 2 SIP accounts with our suport team for our testing so that we can configure our devices with given SIP accounts and recreate it locally and analyze.
We analyzed the given logs and observed when our router send an update request, the SIP server sends an ACK and  then the SIP call session will be droped.We have checked same issue with other deployment sites but its not seen at other sites.

We are working on it and will provide a solution soon.

I've just provided by mail the complete sip account by replying to the ticket.

I hope this can help to speed up your analysis.

This is a big problem for us and prevents the mass adoption of these devices.

Thank you



We need two sets of  - Subscriber Information for FXS port  like Phone Number, Account, Password and display name.You have shared only 1 account detail.
We need 2 sets so that we can make a call from user1 to user2.Please share the required information.


Thanks for sharing all the required information.

We have fixed this issue and shared a new firmware with you. You can upgrade to this new firmware  and we assure you smooth call flow now.


I can confirm you that the new firmware you sent me really solves the issue.

A big thank to all the support and development staff



We¬īre going to install these devices in some customers. Are this firmware that solves the problem of the calls available in downloads of Support?


Probably it will be available EOD today or tomorrow morning.I will update you as soon as firmware is posted on support site.