Incompatible Software Version With cnMaestro

Trying to add new 450i ap's running today and getting an error "Incompatible Software Version With cnMaestro"

Hi ,

Can you please confirm whether in your Cloud account under the Application->Settings the option for "Allow Automatic update of PMP devices" is enabled or not. If the option is enabled cnMaestro updates the newly Onboarding devices to the latest minimum recommended software version of If not enabled you will be getting the error Incompatible software version for new devices being onboarded. It won't upgrade already onboarded or managed devices. 



Hi, I have two devices ePMP 1000 - 5 GHz Force 180 and want to add to cnMaestro, but I recieve the message: Incompatible Software Version with cnMaestro. My equipment is already working in production. If I upgrade software version, Could it affect the current configuration and operation of the link?


Upgrade won't affect the configuration but due to software upgrade, the device will reboot, link will go down and come back online. I would suggest to perform the upgrade during down time or when the traffic is less.