Incorrect hyperlinks to SMs in 20.2 UI


We have PMP450M APs which we access via web through ports:


The problem occurs, when we want to access the SMs, the URL comes like this:
<a href="http://IP_device:20880:1080/?mac_esn=0a00xxxxxxxx">

However, with version, it keeps it correctly:

<a href="http://IP_device:1080/?mac_esn=0a00xxxxxxxx">

Could you please check it?

Thank you.

Hi Innova,

I’ve confirmed what you reported, and I’m working on a fix. It looks like this was introduced with our ipv6 changes in 20.0.

Check the release notes for upcoming 20.2.1 BETA loads and you should see a fix soon. I’ll also update this PR when a fix is available.


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