Incorrect Radio Frequency Carrier - Transmit Disabled!

We have a 5.4Ghz PTP100 that has this message on the main page:

Incorrect Radio Frequency Carrier - Transmit Disabled!

However it still connects to the Slave, what is this and what do I do about it?

What firmware release are both ends on?

After factory resets of both units, verify both same Country Code, etc.

Let me know after that. Maybe I can help.

Paul McCall, PDMNet Canopy Repair

Both sides are on 10.3.1 and both are set to United States.

I can’t really factory reset them right now as the are both on different tower legs.

OK… sounds like you have done the normal things and are in good shape firmware wise, etc… Short of factory resetting and trying again, I dont know.

this is on the Transmit side of things? (Master). You have alternate frequencies also picked for this unit? If there is a setting to be changed, it would seem to be in that area.


Is it possible the firmware wasn’t upgraded in the correct path? Could that cause the problem?

Apparently I had to have a frequency chosen for all the 3 of the carriers on the Radio tab, error message is gone now.