Increase 100 record limit for API output for on-Premises instances of cnMaestro?

Is it possible to increase the 100 record limit for the API if we have the On-Premises version? I need to do some large collection of data, for averaging, but it has to be granular enough as well.

Also wondering if there is a way to change the granularity from 5-minute intervals to anything else, on the performance API particularly?


Looks like my post with code samples got removed, but basically there is an easy way to do paginate through the API with python or curl.  What do you currently use?

rnelson, are you asking about the API fields used or for some example code?

The "offset" URL parameter can be used for paging.

First page of 100 entries: GET {{api_server}}/api/v1/jobs?limit=100&offset=0

Second page of 100 entries: GET {{api_server}}/api/v1/jobs?limit=100&offset=100

Third page of 100 entries: GET {{api_server}}/api/v1/jobs?limit=100&offset=200


OP is asking to return more than 100 records at a time.  Whlie that is a limitation of the api, there are easy and efficient ways for OP to get the information easily in an automated fashion.  Curious how OP is currently doing it.