Increase Customer Satisfaction by Optimizing PMP 450 Configuration Confirmation


I'm trying figureout the best configuration to get the maximum throughput form PMP 450 link, for the past two monthes I contaced to the support of cambium networks, and the best aggregate I got was 92.5 Mbps  (66.5 DL &26UL).

I sat the downlink ratio to 60% , contention Slot to 4 with farme sat to 5 m.s.

So is there any thing to be add or change in the  configuration for best throughbut.

waiting dor response.

Downlink at 60% seems extremely low to me.  The standard in our neck of the woods is 75%, since average usage is much higher on DL than uplink.  Having lots of uplink to spare doesn't improve service if the downlink is saturating.

It really depends on what other products you're sharing frequency with.  Both the range and DL/UL percentage have a significant impact on timing, which can make interference into more a problem.  Are you having to synchronize with other Cambium equipment, or are there any other companies in the area you have to contend with?