Increase lost time of license server connection.

Hello everybody,
On this occasion I am forced to talk about something that we know that in the forums of brands do not like to be talked about, the problems with their products.
Dear gentlemen of Cambium, have you thought by accident of the damages that can be produced by your extremely restrictive policy, in case someone thinks that it is necessary to carry out the verification every 5 minutes and even less in the fifth attempt to reject the subscribers?
I interpret that if you have established so little time to annihilate the connection of our clients, you should be 100% sure that any incidence on your part will be able to be solved in a shorter time. This is more than proven that it is not the case, it has been regrettable, you can not play with the work and sacrifice of us, your clients, enough problems we have to face daily as to be more than 24H WITHOUT SERVICE just because someone has decided that You can disconnect all our clients because, for no other reason, just because you can do it.
Anyone who really thinks that we are going to connect / migrate a client to be able to use the licenses only two or three days?
It is incredible not to have a wider margin of error, 3 days I understand that in no time you are going to assume any problem, I insist that it is not an ice cream that ends in two bites.
A m i his attitude of distrust has generated many inconveniences and SLA to pay.

Will I be rewarded? I'm afraid not.
Dear gentlemen of Cambium, it is very necessary to rethink the maximum times to disconnect our clients, my clients cost me a lot of money and time to get them so that later someone comes and only because they can disconnect them.
Again, I can not believe that somebody will try to take advantage of the licenses two or three days, this is ridiculous.
Rather than being banned from the forum, I think I have not said anything different from what we all think at the moment.

Thank you.

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