Indoor Mounting of Canopy APs

Is it possible to do an indoor mounting of Canopy APs?

I have a possible tower site but the people really don’t want me mounting anything on the outside of the building because it is a historical structure.

Here are two pics:

The building administrator would like us to mount the Canopy gear inside the tallest tower and shoot out the windows. How would this work? Has anyone done anything like this before?

I would color match the radio (outdoor latex paint) to the cream colored paint at the steeple and mount them flat to the wall. They would disappear.

The glass likely has alot of lead so going through the windows is out.

Thanks for your input.

Does anyone have any pictures of disguised canopy moutings? I’d like something to show these guys.


No pics, just another idea…
You could put a high gain omni 900 Mhz with conn. AP inside the building and see what kind of range you get. It will be degraded put may get you where you want to go…

photoshop it :slight_smile:

Good idea, but we’re really wanting to get 2.4 or 5.7 here due to bandwidth needs.

i have a maxrad flat panel in the top of this courthouse below setting in a window from inside. been there for over a year no problems its only 1 mile from tower though.

here is the stats as we speak

Session Count: 2, Reg Count 1, Re-Reg Count 2
RSSI (Avg/Last): 1868/1899 Jitter (Avg/Last): 2/2 Power Level (Avg/Last): -60/-59
DnRate(S): 1500 DnLimit(S): 1500 UpRate(S): 768 UpLimit(S): 768 (kbit)
LoUpCIR(S): 0 LoDnCIR(S): 0 (kbps)
Rate : VC 35 Rate 2X/2X

of course mine is a 900 sm not an ap


I would have to agree with Jerry, you’ll have to try and color match the radio.
Maybe check on the windows and see. Put an Ap up and give it a try. I would try each window one at a time just in case. Set it up and take an sm and see how it works from a distance.

If you are going to mount inside, then mount the AP as close to the glass as possible and be prepared to use reflectors at the customer end.

5.7 GHz will lose 8 dB when you shoot through a single pane of uncoated glass (new enough no be unleaded & old enough to lack UV coating).

Like many things, mount a test unit & measure the service area.
Then it is a business decision to deploy.