Indoor / Outdoor Ethernet Surge Protector

Will a Ubiquiti ETH-SP Indoor / Outdoor Ethernet Surge Protector with Dual RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet Ports work with the epmp line?



A plan is in the works to design a 30V Gigabit PoE surge suppressor.

We currently offer the 1000SS which is geared for 56VDC Gigabit protection.

Stay tuned.

Oscar Robles

Accessories Lead Engineer

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I forgot to mention that the 1000SS will protect ePMP2000.

My previous comment was for all 30V gigiabit ePMPproducts.


The above link is to ISPSupplies that carries the Tycon product line... Lots of other Dist. have them also.  

I put those in my head end building at the end of EVERY ethernet coming off my towers.  I also have my Cat6 running up the Tower in Metallic PVC like the Cell Carriers.  Then I have either a 12X12 or 18X18 inch X 6 inch deep metal box mounted at the top of the tower with Another of the Tycon units mounted in the box to protect both ends.

 I then have drops out of the bottom of the box of smaller Metallic going up to the Radios.  I have had EXCELLENT results with this type of Harness.  Very seldom loose ANY equipment.  If fact it has been over a year since we have reported ANY tower equipment lose due to lightning.  Ground, Ground, Ground!! Protect any and ALL entry to your equipment and you will be glad you did!

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