Industrial Applications?

Checking if anyone here has tried cnWave in a industrial application ?

Currently have a client using 5 Ghz meshing/roaming type solution attached to movable cranes and machinery and works ok but is getting long in the tooth now and 5 Ghz is kinda slow esp since they want to pull 4K Video feeds from the operators perspective.

Wait for AX outdoor hotspots :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s deffo on my radar.
I just though the auto meshing that’s built into the terragraph tech might be useful for high bandwidth and highly connected services like in the industrial world.

Yes it is interesting, but in industrial world the price o subscriber module will be very important. I think AX with mesh will be better and cheaper solution for industrial :slight_smile:

Aye we’ll have to see what pans out from Cambium.
Cheap is relative I guess to the environment/budget.