Information on Cambium's wifi controller and Manager - cnMaestro for cnPilot WiFi

Helpful information on core features of cnMaestro with the planned cnPilot support schedule (all the way below)

Detailed Features

cnMaestro is a full-featured network management system for cnPilot and other Cambium devices. The core functionality includes the following:

Hierarchical Dashboards

Visualize your devices from tower to edge with customized dashboards for each device type.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Display tower-to-edge status in a single graphic, view Wi-Fi client details and health, and troubleshoot client connectivity directly on the AP.


View immediate status with stateful alarms, and troubleshoot customer issues by filtering on alarm history and reviewing events.

Device Inventory

Access your devices at the system level, or by network, tower, or sector. Device data can be exported in PDF or CSV formats.

Statistics and Trending

View historical radio and network statistics.

Bulk Image Upgrade

Upgrade the software images in a sector or across sectors in a single job. Queue upgrade jobs during the day so they can be run in the evening, when the network is less utilized.

Template-Based Configuration

Push configuration to single devices or to groups of devices across your network using templates.

Maps and Map Modes

Leverage Google Maps satellite view to position your devices and visualize their health and connectivity. Change the mode of the map to graphically display various wireless key performance indicators.

Zero Touch Onboarding

Preconfigure supported Cambium devices so they will be automatically onboarded when provided with network connectivity.

Multiple Administrators

Invite colleagues by email to manage the devices in your organization’s cnMaestroTM account.


Supported Products

cnMaestro support for the following Cambium Networks products:





cnPilot R200


cnPilot R200P

cnPilot R201


cnPilot R201P

cnPilot R201W

cnPilot E400 is in Beta support and expected to be out of Beta by Mid October. We will announce formal support dates closer to that transition period.

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