Inherited ePMP, should I update FW/SW?

I just inherited 4 ePMP 1000 devices that were originally installed back in 2015. They were “maintained” and under the control of a third party until recently, when they defaulted back to me/core IT department.

The third party never bothered to update the FW/SW on any of the ePMP’s. My question is: is it safe or recommended to update them at this time?

Some relevant info:
4x Force 180 ePMP 1000’s
FW: U-Boot 9342_PX 1.1.4.a (Jun 23 2015 - 21:37:03)
SW: 2.4.3-RC16

I’ve worked on many other types of network devices, but Cambium’s (and wireless P2P in general) are new areas for me. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you,


Hello! and welcome to the Cambium forums! So the firmware you listed, 2.4.3, is really old, so old in fact that you won’t be able to directly update to the newest release 4.6.2. IIRC, you’ll need to walk them up by first upgrading to 3.5.6. Normally you can find these older firmware revisions in the archive, but I checked and it appears as though they removed anything earlier then version 4. You’ll probably need to contact support in order to get access to earlier revisions. They can also tell you and provide the exact firmware rev’s you need to walk them up to current.


You must step these old firmwares up carefully to 3.5.6, then and only then can you jump to the 4.x firmwares.

As Eric has said, the archive has been purged so you will either need to contact support or PM me with your email so I can send you a link to the files I have in our archive (we almost never delete the old firmwares for this reason)