Initial setup interface changes

On my epmp1000 I couldn't connect to cnmaestro.  It just sat there and said connecting.  The problem was that I had no DNS server (the radios are simply bridged).  I think the Cambium Remote Management Status should say something like "not trying because no network found" and use the same test method as the Earth icon at the very top.

Onboarding queue box should automatically refresh...manual refresh is very lame.


We will change the error message to something more explicit like "unable to resolve" (CNSDA-108).

The onboarding queue screen is supposed to be auto refreshed. But there may be some transitions that does not trigger the refresh. We will investigate.

It does seem to auto-refresh today, almost instantly.  I've added a handful of devices one by one and they were all there in the time it took me to refresh the radio UI and change tabs.

I approved 40-50 devices at once and it seemed like it was going to choke, I'm not sure if that could be a probably or not down the road.

Even if no of devices  are 40-50, server is not expected to choke as we onboard devices one by one and until then they will be queued. Could you please elaborate on what issue did you observe when you approved large no. of devices.