Instalasi PTP 600 ATEX Onsorb to Offsorb

Connected Onsorb to Offsorb Palang Site Master SST tower Antenna Parabolic FSO Site Slave Big Boat Antenna Sectoral


Hi Khoirul,

Nice work on the offshore to onshore installation. Floating platforms are always tricky.

I did something similiar for a turret-moored FPSO to a static platform (2km distance), but with an 2x omni antenna (1x Vertical and 1x Horizontal) on the FPSO and 2 sector antenna on the static platform. I used a different product back then and am never satisfied with that product an am looking to deploy Cambium.

Would it be OK if I use your photos in my case study/proposal to my managers?

Can I contact you for more deeper information, such as the FSO name, company etc?