Install cnMaestro on VMwere

I have problem during install cnMaestro on VMWere with alert below


how to solving this error.


Hi  imammuftadi -- did you validate the SHA256 checksum on the downloaded OVA, to make sure it is complete?

I don't think so, how to validate SHA256?

after check SHA256 with 7Z the results don't match what is on the cambium website.

cnMaestro OVA package 1.6.1

 SHA256:   85860bbddad4bd09f06d48908248a7623ddb0f3dcbac5c699dec195886939de0

how to validate it, please help

Hi  imammuftadi -- it looks like the file did not download completely, and you will need to try again (the size should be around 3787.7 MB).

well i'll try to download again. thanks 

anyone can help, I have download 3 times but and is not the same size, all ist different size.. and can't be install with same error above

What client and method are you using to download this?

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I using Windows 10 and direct download from website.

@imammuftadi wrote:
I using Windows 10 and direct download from website.

What web client are you using? Can you try using a different web client and/or computer?

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Using Microsoft edge and already trying with different computer and the results is same

latest downloaded using web client IE I get file below

but installation still not success with error below

with the .ova file it most dificult for installation preccess, can i get the .exe or .iso file for make it easy install, thanks

I am also getting a problem with .ova file, Is it possible to make an ISO file?

Is checksum matching? Have you tried differen browser or machine, etc.?

i have sent you a private message , Could you please check and reply?

cnMaestro problem solved