install misconfig question

I am missing something simple on a new 450m install.  450m 3ghz CBRS, 450b hi-gain.  Everything looks great, AP eval shows the AP but no signal on alignment andit will not establish a session.  AP shows it registering but it doesn't get a session.  Session log shows smsesfail smreggntrej newstate ooservice flag 22.  Authentication is off, no radius.  Suggestions?  Thx

I moved the 450b's to part 90 and they work fine.  When I move them to cbrs the sm won't establish the session.  The BHM shows the BHS as unregistered.  The BHM shows up in eval but not in alignment.  This changed when I put it in part 90 and it showed a signal and established a session.  It appears to be a CBRS authentication issue with the SM or BHS.  When I put the BHM back into CBRS and reimported the BHS it decided to work. 

Leonard, it does sound like something happening out of order with respect to obtaining CBRS grant or something...

If you need further help, we should post in the CBRS forum.