Installation Guides?

New to this canapy stuff, but been following the site for several weeks now. We are having issues with installation of antennas. I have read the users guide and don’t find any short to the point instructions for installations. Has anyone created or already have an installation guide in plain english for installing the equipment? I would perfer something for the non-supercomputer dude! We are using the 900 and 5.7 and just upgraded to the 7.2.9. We run to the site and set the antenna and get good Rssi and Jitter, but when we run the link test, the up and down links are low. Or we have it set, good readings, install and then we get hugh spikes in the jitter. Do you have computer techs doing your installs, or do you hire someone. We are trying to do the installs ourselves, but are having difficulty with several issues. Another being hugh power lines in direct line of sight of the tower. Is this a problem and if so, what do we do? What are we missing? Has anyone created a troubleshooting chart for installers? If this happens, corrective action is this… If that happens, corrective action is this. If this happens, check these items in order of priority. Seems like if we had something like this, on hand in the field, we could be making alot more progess in the installation phase verses the chasing our tail phase. How long does it take you to do a standard installation? Help me please. Thank you for any and all help. I can use all the help I can get…

In 900 and 5.7 if you are in 2X mode you may experience low link test efficiencies. Also, you will notice an increase in jitter. Are you running in 2X mode and what are the jitter and efficiency values?

From the sessions page and the ap eval data page can you tell me the power levels in dBm for one of the problem links?

Canopy Support, would you agree that if a SM/LInk is suffering for unknown reasons, that we should only allow them to perform at 1x? Some of our SM’s have over 50 rereg’s, and while watching the Jitter, it appears to be going back and forth from 1x, to 2x. Thanks


I would suggest performing link tests and extended ping sessions to see if there are any drops. If the SM is going back and forth between 1X & 2X you might notice some drops however higher throughput. I would say that each case is different and should be a judgment call. I wouldn’t want to blanket statement everything and have you lock down to 1X when overall throughput was better at 2X.

That said, if the link is really suffering and the throughput isn’t any better then you should probably lock it down to 1X.

wirelessSolutions wrote:
Canopy Support, would you agree that if a SM/LInk is suffering for unknown reasons, that we should only allow them to perform at 1x?

That solved an issue I was having with a customer. Right after the 7.2.9 upgrade and HWS deployment, one customer was reregistering quite a bit. Disabling 2x in their SM took care of the problem.

I don't know if there is any logic in the action, but it worked in application.