Installation Hardware Recommendations for ePMP 3000 and Force 300 products?

Working with a reseller that is coordinating electrical installer for a ePMP 3000 with Force 300 solutions to be installed on a farm. Any recommendations for what the common installation hardware/components that should be used in additional to the bundling mounting kits that come with a ePMP 3000 and Force 300 products? Is there a Cambium Networks recommended companies that provide the hardware components to complete equipment installs like this?

Not sure I understand what you mean when you say “the bundling mounting kits that come with” ? The F300 CPEs all have the ability to be mounted on a pole or whatever. Are you asking about masts and j-mounts and surge suppressors and stuff ?

And as for mounting the 3000… that normally mounts to the antenna. The 3000 radio itself does not come with any kind of mounting hardware as that comes with the antenna it is being mounted on or… not sure if they sell a mounting bracket for the 3000 like the do the 450/PTP550 radios or not. The cambium sector, kpp omni and new dual-horn antennas are specifically made for the 3000 and have the hardware for mounting the 3000 to them. What additional hardware you may or may not need to mount the antennas once the 3000 is attached to them depends entirely on what they are being mounted on ( a tower, a water tank, a building roof, utility pole, tree, silo, etc… etc…)


The question is around the “poles or whatever” that the ePMP 3000 and Force 300s will be mounted to. I understand that there will be different components required for different situations, but is there not a common list of recommended hardware/building materials that can be used?

I think it is a bit frustrating for new partners looking to sell and deploy Cambium solutions that there is no Cambium answer to this in their various training/datasheets or other materials based on common deployment environments.

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Ok so you’re talking about like how you can go to a website that sells like Dish Satellite installation stuff and there are “Dish Approved” J-arms and braces and mounting brackets etc… etc… ?

Nothing like that I’m aware of other than Cambium was making their own little aluminum “universal” radio mount for a while that was good for mounting the smaller radios like the F180 on.

I can tell you what we use for the various types of F300 radios (the smaller radios can obviously be mounted on things the F300-25 can not) if that’s what you want to know… but as for mounting the 3000 and whatever antenna I can tell you about some of the different installations we have and what we used to mount them.