Installation on KVM failed on cnmaestro-network.json


I'm trying to install cnmaestro-2.4 on KVM.

After login in the instalation process error message appears

"An exception of type CnException occured. Arguments: ("( read network config filed: [Errno2] Nosuch file or directory: '/srv/storage/etc/cnmaestro-network.json' ",)

When try to navigate to that directory in cmd, there is actually no storage dir at all.

Any advise please?




In the cnmaestro 2.4 there are two disks. Disk1 and Disk2.

Both are needed to add into the virtual machine before installation. 

I KVM setup both disks needs to be converted into qcow2 and the the disk2 manually added to the new virtual machine.

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Can you show how to add disks to KVM installation?
I am using Web Console (cockpit).


Kindly note that cnMaestro 2.4.0 OVA contains 2 disks. So, the following steps should be executed before deploying the KVM machine.

  1. Extract disks from OVA.
  2. Convert the .vmdk files into qcow2 format.
  3. Please make sure that you are moving the qcow2 images to the VMs data store location.
  4. Create a VM using image-1 and image-2.

How to Create VM in KVM.

  1. Once the disks are converted to qcow2 format launch the Virtual Machine Manager.
  2. New virtual machine → Create a new virtual machine
  3. Select “Import Existing disk image” → then click on forward
  4. Provide the existing storage path → Select the first qcow2 image which is extracted from the OVA
  5. Change the OS Type as Linux → Change the version to Ubuntu 16.04
  6. Set the memory and CPU ( 4 CPU and 8GB RAM, Based on the topology size)
  7. Set the VM name and make sure that “Customize configuration before install” check box is checked.
  8. Attach the required network.
  9. Finish
  10. Select “Add hardware”, Now we need to attach the second qcow2 image which was extracted from OVA.
  11. Select Storage → Select or create custom storage → Select the second qcow2 image
    12)Finish and Begin Installation

Thank you very much for your elaborate explanation. Done!