Installation/Setup of Canopy 900Mhz

My ISP just recently began offering the canopy systems - in Northern California. They charged me $299.00 for the equipment and said “good luck installing it, we offer an installation for minimum $100.00!” I really went through the roof. I am very upset with them at this point and have thought about taking the equipment back and getting my money back. However, if I can get a little advice from some of you, I may not.

I cannot seem to find even an operators manual on motorola website for installation/setup of this system. There are 2 ports on the back of the antenna - which one do I plug my cable into? What is the other for?
How long of a run can the cable be from the antenna to the power cord? My ISP also handed me a surge supressor - where does this go? At the power cord end? Before the power cord mechanism? After it? What should I ground it to, my computer chassis?

The RJ-45 jack is Ethernet with power (24VDC) applied to the unused pairs. This is not IEEE 802.1af-compatible power-over-Ethernet (48VDC). It only works with the Motorola power supply.

The RJ-11 is used to output a timing signal – which you don’t need – and to force the unit to the factory defaults – which you hopefully won’t need.

The surge protector properly goes on the outside of your house, just before the cable from the Canopy unit enters the house. The ground (#10 AWG min.) should be connected to your house’s common grounding system, if it has one. Connect it to the house’s electrical service entrance ground wire that (hopefully) connects the breaker box to a buried ground rod outside.

For new construction, the National Electical Code requires all ground connections – electrical, cable, TV and other antennas, telephone, etc. – to be tied to a single grounding system (one or more ground rods). If nothing else is available, connect the Canopy ground to a metal water pipe – if the pipe is still metal when it leaves the house.

The Canopy’s metal mounting bracket can also be tied to this ground.

Your PC’s case should also be grounded through its grounded (3-prong) electrical cord. It’s best, however, to not connect the Canopy surge protector directly to the PC. While this would provide some protection for the Canopy unit, it could potentially create a hazard for you and others operating the PC.

Documentation for the v6.1 firmware is available at:
Canopy Library
User Guides
Canopy System User Guide

The User Guide addresses all the above issues, plus the unit’s default IP address ( and how to make an RJ-11 plug to force the unit to its factory defaults, if needed.

Good luck!