Installation Summary access on API?

Any chance we could get restapi access to the installation summary to query it? Would also be nice if it was also accessible to PUT posts so it could be used as an installation storage for third party installations as well.

Thank you for the feedback @CSup. Just to be clear, you’re referring to the cnArcher Summary? Are you looking for info shown in the main table or the info shown in the detailed view?

I also always recommend posting requests to the ideas page to give visibility to management and any lurkers reading this to vote for features you’d like to see added.

Both i’m a pretty strong believer that things visible in a UI should be exposed in the API. Having access to the detailed info could also allow us to pull and generate our own frontends for the reports in ours OSS/BSS systems as well as pulling for things like monthly /weekly reports on our own via the API.

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