Installation Tech Salary

We are struggling finding a good Contractor to do our installations of Canopy equipment. (Maybe I have figured out my problem - CONTRACTOR)

What do the rest of you that use Contractors pay?

Do you pay per job? If yes, how much

Do you pay per hour? If so, how much?

Trying to find a happy medium here and find someone good enough to do the isntalls.


in CA you only need to use a contract if its over $500 worth of work. As long as you state that fact in the service contract before installation you should be fine.

I have two installers, one which i pay $40 per install and .40$ to the mile for his truck, we do 30-40 installs a month. any additional work like sitesurveys and what not i pay him $12/hour.

second installer which is also my email support i pay ~30k a year salary.

my problem was if they were both per job i would be afriad the install wouldnt be done with 100% care so they could make more money. If they were hourly they would take forever on an install. so i have found pairing the two together works well…

While we are on the subject of installs. What would you say the average time for your installs?

sorry for the slam but it would not be worth my time to roll my truck at 40.00 a install…

i find living here in the land of the trees that a usuall install takes a full two hours with some glory hole exceptions.

i usually do the site survey and then let my installer go put it in and tell him how i want it and i pay him 30 bucks per install. I also have a bucket truck i will send them in incase i want it high cause we live in TN and the hills are everywhere it also helps on having to worrie about them getting stolen when there 30 foot high. we have to sell cheap to compete here for the equipment that is i charge more for service than most of you do.

i charge 100.00 per install and the first months service added to that no contract the we sell these packages. oh and i only use 900 stuff except for back hauls. we just eat the rest of the money till they pay them off with there packages the reason i can afford this is because i have alot of dialup people still with my nationwide isp so there kinda funding my wireless peeps.

30.00 128k

40.00 384k

47.00 512k

55.00 768k

90.00 1.5 meg

just remember our t1’s are very high out in the country cause of the milage.

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We must be doing things seriously wrong here… ha ha…

I do all the site surveys and I take digital photos of where I want the SM mounted and where to run the cable. I turn that over to our installer to install. Typical install time is 2 hours for both commercial and residential. Currently we charge $250 install fee for buisnesses and $125 for residential. We pay our installers $125 for a commercial and $85 for residential.

So as I take it you make the customer pay for the equipment? If so, what do you charge them?

We are currently looking for installers that are willing to do great quality work. We have been through 2 installers that refused to follow procedures or did installs that were not in spec. I never thought it would be this hard.

I have been doing the installs myself but I am not looking forward to another summer doing them. We just hired a college kid who can do work them around his school schedule.

We pay 100 per install. I can do them in 1-5-2.5 hours, and I suspect it will take him the same.

As with anything, you get what you pay for. 100 bucks (avg 50/hr) is enough to keep someone reasonably qualified interested. The kid I hired seems pretty sharp, so I think he will do OK. If he screws them up, I guess I’ll be doing them a while longer.

A good resource is a home theater installer - they are familiar with running cables cleanly, terminating cat5, and basic TCP/IP setup. They are insured, and have the right ladders and tools.

Employees are a pain in the butt. Sub Contractors are hard to control. It’s a tough situation and that’s why we have been so reluctant to hire anyone.

No what i listed is all i charge we own the equipment and give the customer peace of mind knowing they dont have to fix if it tears up but we still own the equipment and when i get tired of it i will sell them.


you guys only have 1 installer doing the install? i find its much easier and quicker to send 2.

i always send out two guys and my installs run from 20min - 3 hrs depending on the house.

$40 may not be worth doing 1 install but at the same time if i have them making 30k a year working 6 hour days…its worth it to them, its a great paying “part-time” job.

I charge $150 per install, first and lasts and a 1 yr contract. we lease them the equipment in thier monthly service fee. average customer pays $252 on date of installation…

my rates are
256k - 44.95
384k - 59.95
512 - 74.95
768 - 99.99 - business only

we talked about taking photos and sending the installers with detailed instructions but that just takes way to much time.

how many subscribers do you guys have on your network?

im @ 700+ right now and still growing like crazy.

vince, where are you located?

We are in a market dominated by Time Warner Cable - SBC DSL - Earthling Dial-Up…

We have to be competitive with our pricing and our installation costs because Time Warner will practically give a connection away to get the customer. Unfortunately a smaller competitor cant do that.

What equipment are you using and what has been your most successful sell?

If you dont mind me asking.

same here i am up against a co-op they sell 128k for 21.95 per month and 384 for 32.95 for dsl i only have 65 customers and growing but not that fast our population is only around 10k and we have alot of mountains so we are limited.

of course we have more towers being put in as we speak but i have only been doing this about a year and its not my primary job either.


Im about 1 hour outside of San Diego in a small town called Valley Center. We do have to compete with SBC and Mediacomm but thier service is horrible and doesnt reach far. half of the SBC techs recommond us over thier DSL just due to line quality.

we use the 5.2 canopy…it took us 3 yrs to beable to grow as fast as we are due to the insane $$$ of canopy.

Kmeadows my suggestions would be to you if the dsl can only do 384, sell a 512 plan and 768…even at a higher price people just want speed. what are you paying for your bandwidth/how much…cause you can easily oversell a t1 line to 100 customers @ 512k before they really start slowing down.

remember this is a wireless age we are moving into…make sure you check out the marketing kit on the canopy page…it has a lot of awesome free material.

a WISP wouldnt have a hard time competing if we didnt have to pay $300 to put each customer online.

my per new customer looks like this

$150 for sales
$80 for install
$280 for modem
$30 supplies
$30 dish (if needed)
total is $540

means i dont see any profit for ~7months…how does someone play price wars when @ $50 a month it takes 7months to make 1 dime?

i would love to see the price of this stuff cut in half

No the co-op sell 768 and 1.5mb also just don’d remember the price but it is cheap also.

also i have submitted 2 or 3 times for that marketing material with no response and i have verified its not in my spam box either.

oh i do understand the over selling thats the only advantage i have now over the co-op cause there over selling there bandwidth as of right know i have 3 mb “2 t1’s” coming in right now that cost about 1100.00 per month thats total for two. with around 65 or so clients i figure i got a while since 900 mhz can only do 3mb anyways i will never fill up one ap anyways everyone is too spread out.

Until i can expand to other small towns it looks like about 300 -400 will be my max for the whole county provided it keeps selling like it is.

What i need is 900 mhz canopy lite!!! hello testing testing 123

hum thats weird now i can gain access to the marketing kit …

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jerry you said it !!!

you get what you pay for.

if you hire someone from the sat industry they have the mindset that i can do the job almost on the ground and i am sure that we are well aware that the highest point is usually the best when it comes to canopy.

my installs like jerry are one to several hours depending upon the situation.

commercial usually taking longer.

i value my time as a professional and working for cheap is not worth my time.

i like canopy and the company i work for is liking the proffessional work.

Well i am a satellite seller and installer and have been for 17 years i do good work or i would not have been here 17 years. i also sell cell phones.

so when i make a satellite sale which is often about 8 to 10 a week most of them i can talk into wireless also and if i am lucky i sell them a cell phone also or talk them into Voip and tell them to drop there home phone.

so figure this up average clearing 250.00 for satellite get 100 and the first month on the wireless and about 200 commission on the cell phone and if they get voip i get a little there not much since i just resell packet 8 but all in all. i bring home 550.00 on the good jobs and that pays for my equipment then i get residuals on the cell phone and the satellite and the wireless and i might even get luck and sell a website to.

so i could see a potential residual income of around 10 - 20 + what ever speed wireless they take. see where i am from you got to do everything to make a living.

But anyways i can put in a satellite and wireless all at the same time on 1 truck roll and do it in about 2 -3 hours unless its a trailer and that is really gravy cause the electric company here dont care if i use the poles.

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sheesh, those are cheap prices…

here in Botswana, Africa, i am charging…

64K guaranteed with 1Mb burst CA$ 2287.80…