Installation Wizard of PTP820

To all,

Start Rel 8.2, we are adding installation wizard on PTP820, a very simple and intuitive GUI, provide step by step guidance for a link configuration. It improved Operational Efficiency and Quality of Experience for our customer bases.

Here is a summary of link configurations that supported by the installation wizard:

  • 1+0 with Pipe services (PTP820 S/C/G)
  • 1+0 Repeater links with Pipe services (PTP 820C/G)
  • 2+0 MC-ABC (PTP820 C/G only, Rel 8.3)
  • 1+1 HSB or 1+1 HSB with SD and Pipe services (PTP820G only, Rel 8.3)
    • TDM services and Pseudowire services

We will post a serious  of video clips showing how to do each configurations in the  next few weeks.

Stay in tune.



The PTP 820 Installation Wizard video is HERE.

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