Installing & Configuring Prizm for SOAP/XML API

I just installed the trial of PrizmEMS Build: 2.10.r1 ( TS=08.22.2006 13:32:06 ) The installation was done on a RedHat 4 linux server and the database chosen is Postgresql.

We are trying to use the SOAP/XML API in order to the provisioning of the network elements.
We enabled de NBI with the ServerAdminTool as especified in the documentation.

In order to start delevoping we need to add the web refrence where the services are running but the Apache Tomcat displays an error saying that the resources are not available.

Also, by navigating to the link , we are able to see a page saying “And now… some services”.
But, when clicking on some of the wsdl links shown, the following error is
reported by the web server:

- type Status report
- message /prizm/services/LogEventIfService
- description The requested resource (/prizm/services/LogEventIfService)
is not available.

I found that the *.wsdl files doesn’t exist in the server, meaning that they are not installed by default.

The *.wsdl files are included in the SDK downloaded but I found no reference in the documentation provided that they need to be copied to the server.

I understand that this last issue could be the problem.

Appreciate any input as soon as posible.

You do not need to copy the WSDL files to the server. You can utilize them in your IDE to generate your code stubs.

If you are using Java or Perl, there are samples in the SDK folder that can get you started.

The error you are seeing is normal, the WSDL files are not available from the Web Browser.

And now… Some Services
LogEventIfService ([u:16s8k3st]wsdl[/u:16s8k3st])

If you click on the wsdl link, you will see the 404 error.