Installing multiple AP’s

I’m in the process in deploying multiple AP’s of the one tower, 6 in total with a configuration of 2 rows with 3 AP’s per row. Why? Surveyed sites indicated 6 AP’s would give me to greatest coverage.
Prior to deployment the requirements detailed so far is,

1. Ensure colour codes are set per AP.
2. Ensure power levels are set per AP to suit site surveyed.
3. Ensure a 20MHz frequency separation between AP’s
4. Ensure cross beam talk is minimised by distance between AP’s on the tower.

Has anyone deployed multiple AP’s anywhere around the world and what problems did they encounter?

I’m sure there are going to be problems deploying a system of the nature, but want to get a head start.

We have configuration like this, two rows, 3 AP per row, 180 deg coverage total. The site is on a hill above a town.

Our configuration:
- Same colour code for all APs.
- Max power levels
- 25 mhz frequency separation for advantage platform
- Distance between APs is about 2 m, the tower doesn’t allow more than that.

So 6 non overlapping channels for APs and 12 for BHs (5470-5850 mhz). And this works for more then a year, with 150 SMs per AP at the moment…

Sorry to be a bother, are these 5.7GHz AP’s that you have deployed?

No, 5.4 Ghz.