Insufficient Credentials - Maestro Migration

We are running on premises Maestro servers for our network. Our currnet server is running Version 2.2.1-r32. We have a new server for CBRS Version 2.3.2-r7 that we are slowly migrating customers to. We have no issues migrating APs and SUs. When I go to migrate CnPilot 201p devices, I get insufficient credentials. I have to claim the devices manually in the oboarding page.

I can mkgrate back and forth to any of my other maestro instances with no issue, i just change the URL and it shows up waiting for approval. We run multiple instances because the device cap at one time was small.

What could I be doing wrong here?

I have forwarded this to the product and support teams

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Hi ,

I sent you a private message , can you please check and reply back.



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Problem solved. I had the "Claim from device" option enabled in the new instance of Maestro. Disabled that and my 201ps started showing up for approval.

Thank you Cambium.

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Good to hear that the problem is resolved and Thanks for the confirmation.

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