Insurance and WISP APs?

If a WISP has an AP set up in a non commercial area, like on the roof of a home (because it is a good location for the WISP AP), how do insurance companies look at the AP as far as insuring it against damage from lightning, wind, etc?

If I’m a WISP and have my AP set up on someone elses home, because it is a good location, can I get commercial insurance for lightning damage, etc., even though it is mounted on top of someone elses home?

Or maybe I should have a written agreement between the home owner and myself.

Maybe WISPs don’t worry about replacement insurance? Seems that lightning will take out APs once in a while.

Would love to hear how you WISPs out there insure your APs (and SMs also if you keep ownership of the SMs).

Is it easier getting insurance if I have my APs set up just in commercial areas?