Integrate Prizm with existing Website

Is it possible to pull data from the prizm database and display it on a php webpage? We currently have an existing customer trouble ticket system we designed in PHP and I would like to have it so that if we bring up a wireless customer the tech can view vital stats and graphs to help troubleshoot the issue such as uptime, signal levels, and corresponding graphs. I don’t currently have a need to input data into prizm from the website just display info from the APs and SMs. Any help to point us in the right direction would be appreciated.

You’ll need to use the SDK for that. It wil require some searching through the prizm structure a bit so isn’t likely to be fast. php has a SOAP extension so you could use that. You’ll have to build your own graphs as all you’ll get from prizm is the raw data.

I wonder if it would be possible to have the prizm Java app load within a webpage instead of a popup app? Hmmmm


I’m still working on a map based interface that is peeking directly into the database on the backend of Prizm to get customer data. I’m providing a link in the map from each client to launch the Prizm interface with the client info on the screen.

It’s still pretty rough, but I intend to release it as open source once it’s in any condition to be helpful to anyone else. As you can see from the picture, I’m using Microsoft Virtual Earth for the mapping.

The biggest rough edge right now that I don’t see a good solution for is that you have to launch prizm through the links on the webpage and then leave it minimized, but other than that, it’s working pretty well.

We’re entering the full client information into each radio at installation, and then geocoding the addresses from the Prizm database once it populates.

The only instance in which I’m touching the Prizm database for anything but SELECTs, is to update the lat/long from the address placed in the radio.

As you can see from the buttons, you can also draw lines to illustrate what AP each SM is connected to. Good if you add APs and then want to see what clients you may want to redirect to the new AP.

Anyway, what you’re wanting to do can be done if you think outside the box…

That is very nifty indeed. I had planned the same thing but have gotten nowhere so far. Very nice. Would be interested in the code or cooperating on it. But, the question was is there a way to get the Prizm java app to display in a window. There are a lot of ways to get data out of prizm, just not through the javaws interface.

Forgot to mention: Dots go red if the client is offline according to Prizm. (I like all the happy green dots, but it would have been useful of there was even one offline at the moment… :stuck_out_tongue: )

The map is also completely zoomable.

As for displaying in a window, no, but I can get it to respond to clicking on the client links, so that’s a suitable substitute from my perspective. Kinda hacky, but it does the job.

Don’t get me wrong, hacky or not, what you have come up with so far looks very good. I am interested in doing something very similiar. I was planning on using yahoo or google because they seem to have well documented API’s. I guess MS has the same?

Yep. I played with google and yahoo both also. In fact the geocoding is using the yahoo API. I settled on MS, because the API seemed simpler when you’re putting html into the popup. Then I discovered that the API does not allow any mechanism for accessing the pin once you’ve placed it, so there is some really ugly javascript in the page. It’s coming along, but nothing to be particularly proud of once you get under the hood.

The MS API is here.

Thanks Curtis - your setup definitely gives me some ideas. I’ll post what we come up with if we ever get it working. Seeing your example gives me some hope. :lol: