Integrated OFDM

Has anyone used the integrated OFDM radio’s? I’m qurious as to the distances they can achieve.

We have BH60, distance 20 km, running with maximum modulation.

How about 45+km’s? Anyone think it’s possible useing the integrated OFDM radios?

You can download a link estimator tool for the OFDM radios. It’s pretty accurate. wrote:
How about 45+km's? Anyone think it's possible useing the integrated OFDM radios?

For 300-400 $ you can buy parabolic antennas and do much more. I don't think that with the integrated you can achieve such distances, or if you do you won't get enough troughoutput.

Wind loading constraints on the the Towers are keeping us from deploying 2ft dishes for these links. So integrated is really the only option at this point.

Plus we might end up having to wait for the 5.4 OFDM because 5.7 is getting pretty noisey.

And I keep forgetting about the Link Estimator…thanks Jerry…I’ll run tomorrow if I get time.

We used Radomes to reduce loading.