Integrating ePMP into your routed network

ePMP is easy to integrate into your layer 3 routed network. By being transparent to layer 3 routing protocols such as OSPF as they transit the wireless link, an ePMP PTP link can be used to connect two routed network segments easily.

An Ethernet MTU of up to 1700 bytes is supported across the wireless link, with a default value of 1500, allowing the majority of network applications to function seamlessly as if it were a wired connection.

To ensure accurate routing decisions are made across your network, alter the routing protocol port cost for router interfaces which connect to a wireless link. This avoids the following scenario:

  • The ePMP Ethernet port is up at 1Gbp/s.
  • The wireless link is up at 220Mbp/s.
  • The router is using the default routing protocol port cost for an Ethernet port up at 1Gbp/s.

In this scenario, the router is unaware that the actual capacity available for traffic sent out of the Ethernet port is less than 1Gbp/s, which may result in traffic being sent over the wireless link when you would prefer it to be sent over another path. Adjusting the routing protocol port cost ensures that traffic is sent over the right link in your network.