Integration of cnMaestro with Gmail SMTP server to receive Email alerts

How to configure cnMaestro SMTP server to receive Email Alerts using Gmail Account


This document helps users in understanding how to configure SMTP settings and Email settings by using a Gmail Account to receive various alerts from cnMaestro.


  1. cnMaestro NOC version 2.1.x
  2. Gmail Account

Configuration of SMTP server: The below steps configure SMTP server in cnMaestro server page

Step1: Navigate to Application > Server > Settings > Configure Email Server Tab


Step2: Enable SMTP server check box and configure below fields

2.a) Port: 587 for STARTTLS/None and 465 for TLS

2.b) Host: Host name of SMTP server, for example if we want to use Gmail as our mail server

2.c) Username: username to log in to SMTP server, for example user name of Gmail account to be used as SMTP server

2.d) Password: Password to log in to SMTP server, for example password of Gmail account to be used as SMTP server

2.e) Sender Email: Email ID of sender

2.f) Encryption: Supports None/TLS/STARTTLS

2.g) Ignore server certificate validation check need to be enabled if user wants the cnMaestro not to validate the server certificate

2.h) CA certificate upload: Select the appropriate CA certificate in pem format and upload to server. This need to be done for TLS/STARTTLS

Step3: Verify the above configuration using Send Test mail option. Click on Send Test Mail and enter the Recipient mail id to which the Test mail to be received and click Send Now


If the Recipient receives the Test Mail the mail server configuration in cnMaestro is perfectly fine

Step4: Adding Email subscribers to receive Email Alerts

Navigate to Application > Settings> Notifications and check the Enable email notification box and click on Add recipient

Enter the Email Id to which the Email alerts need to be sent and configure below fields

  1. Select Severity (Critical, Major and Minor) All the Alarms of chosen severity or greater will be sent.
  2. Content Type: JSON/HTML
  3. Managed Account: If MSP is enabled select All Accounts or any managed account else this field will not show up
  4. Ignore Notification: Tick the type of notification which you want to ignore(means you will not receive the Alerts of such type)
  5. Click Add finally
  6. Only two Subscribers can be added per Account

Step5: Configuring a personal Gmail Account to be used as SMTP server

5.a: Log in to the Gmail account and Please navigate to Settings page and select Forwarding and POP/IMAP and Enable IMAP then click on save changes.

5.b: Navigate to Account Icon and click on My Account and select Security

5.c: Enable Less secure app access: ON

5.d: Yay!! From now you can use this Gmail credentials as Username and password under SMTP settings in cnMaestro

Note: Gmail Allows only 1000 mails to be sent per day.

Step6: Certificate to be used if Gmail is used as SMTP server

6.1: Open

6.2: Click on the security button in the URL box

6.3: Click the Certificate

6.4: Select the Top Root certificate and save it in pem format

6.5: Use this certificate if Encryption TLS/STARTTLS is enabled