Intel 5150 as CPE

I’ve got an Intel 5150 WiFi/WiMAX card in my notebook which is supposedly 802.16e-2005 Wave 2 compliant, and I’d like to be able to connect directly to an PMP320 AP, however the BSID doesn’t show up in my list of available networks to connect to.

I’m curious if anybody has some experience or insight on connecting notebooks with WiMAX adapters directly to a PMP320 AP?

Much thanks :slight_smile:

According to Intel the 5150 uses 2.5-2.7 GHz which IIRC is Cell Phone licensed band. The Motorola product uses 3.65-3.70 Ghz thus making your chip incompatible.


Yup you’re right, I had forgotten about this post and I went digging for the specs on the Intel adapter last week and found the same info. For some reason when I had made the original post I was under the assumption that it supported the 3.65 band.