Intelligent Filtering benifits in a PtP link

Ok Cambium Nation, Lets Talk about Intelligent Filtering benefits with a PtP link.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

This is a Dynamic Filter and it adjusts to the channel width and moves with the frequency.

When used the AP:

With this the upload speed & quality of the link is better to the AP.

Anything Else?

When used as the Receiver:

Better Download Speed & Quality??

Other Points?

Channel Width Limitations?

Compared to other Vendors?

Right now the only ePMP device that incorporates filtering (aka HyPure in Cambium TM speak), is the ePMP 2000. The 2000 is being marketed mainly as an AP for PtMP applications in high interference environments. HyPure is a super-het filter design that's applied on both the TX and RX paths. Along with intelligent filtering, it also can employ a (optional) beam-stearing antenna, or BSA, that helps increase uplink gain from clients in the field.

The filtering componant does two things... it helps reject near channel interference. This will help if you're trying to use ePMP at a busy commuinications site with lots of loud, adjacent emittors. The second is to clean up the TX path to allow more output power at the edges of 5GHz bands to comply with recent changes by the FCC. Basically, a cleaner, more uniform signal is transmitted... this can help in colocation situations so you don't have to use as large a band guard between adjacent transmitters. Lastly, the BSA will help with in band interference at the ap, on the uplink. The BSA does nothing to help the downlink. The BSA works best when paired with Cambium's new OEM 90/120deg antenna.

While the 2000 is not being marketed as a point to point solution, one could use it in this way and assuming that some of the interference conditions I've mentioned above apply, one might see benefit to using it in this fashion. Obviously the BSA would not help in a PtP situation.

Given a clean RF environment, the 1000 and the 2000 are nearly identical performance-wise.

Ubiquiti uses super-het designs (aka Prism) in some of their AC series gear, however I do not know which models they use it in, and if they use it on the RX, or TX paths, or both. Ubiquiti does not have a beam-stearing antenna at this time, depsite announcing one a few years ago, but never releasing it publicly.

Other then the PMP450i using super-het on the RX path, I do not know of any other manufacturer/product using an 'intelligent filter' design or super-het design.