Intended Configuration - Multiple Accounts?

When managing a WISP with cnMaestro, I have been able to operate relatively effectively with a single account in “Access and Backhaul” mode. Now that I’m using cnMaestroX a bit, I must have two separate instances for our internal use.

When adding customers who would like insights or logins - how is this handled? I enabled the MSP option but do not see an option to give a user access to a particular site or particular set of configuration parameters.

When setting up a customer that will be checking on their own system and needing to give their own IT access - how is this accomplished?

Is there a method to get cnMasetroX on APs while using regular cnMaestro on the switches? I see very little value for X on the switches when compared to APs.

Thank you, Chris

Hi @uberdome,

Have you moved your devices to specific MSP accounts?

In order to give users access to a particular site you need to move devices to a site created within that MSP. MSP users in that account will only have access to devices moved to that MSP.

I haven’t tried anything, I was seeking the intended method before experimenting.

I will try what you’ve described.

Thank you, Chris

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You’ll also be able to create AP Groups/WLANs and other resources within the MSP under the Scope option during creation. Resources within an MSP will be the only ones available to users in that account.

Hi Chris,

cnMaestro admins can add users to specific tenant networks with configurable permissions.

After logging in to your cnMaestro account and selecting the current tenant network, go to the tenant network in the Network Tree > Configuration > Users > New User.

Enter the email address of the person you are inviting to access this account. Select the Role (Permissions level)

  • Administrator – Can modify cnMaestro application functionality, but are not able to edit User, API, or Server configurations
  • Operator – Able to configure device-specific parameters and view all configurations
  • Monitor – View only access

Click Invite User.

If you want to manage the APs in cnMaestro X, and the switches in cnMaestro Essentials, this is fine. You will need two accounts. One cnMaestro X account for the APs and one cnMaestro Essentials account for the switches. You will need to add the devices and manage the two accounts independently.

So, if I want cnMaestroX for the Wi-Fi, I effectively lose the auto-configuration features of the switches unless I duplicate all settings between two different logins? I understood the auto-configuration feature as one of the primary draws of using this system… so this may well be motivation to just use 3rd party switches. I have to think about that one a bit.

Hi Chris,
My apologies for the confusion.
Please help me understand… The “auto-configuration” feature you are referring to, is this the PBA feature of our switches? Or is this “Auto-config” available in only cnMaestro X, or is this assigning a device to an AP Group or Switch Group during the onboarding process?

PBA policies and assigning devices to AP Groups, and Switch Groups during onboarding, are part of both cnMaestro Essentials and cnMaestro X.

If you choose to manage your network using both cnMaestro Essentials and cnMaestro X accounts, then yes, you will need to configure both accounts, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have access to PBA or Group assignments during onboarding.

Again, my apologies if I am not understanding your question correctly.

I meant the PBA feature - if I have APs in cnMaestro X and Switches in cnMaestro (two different instances, instead of being able to apply X features to only some devices in a single instance)… it appears I need to enter details into two different cnMaestro logins.

When you refer to tenant networks, do you mean selecting one of the networks as shown below? Is that the only way to separate a site for user access - by giving the site its own account?

If I have a site within my cnMaestro instance, can I control permissions so a user for that site has access to only that site?

Thank you, Chris


MSP tenants are all within the same main cloud account.

Once MSP is activated you’ll see the different tenants in the left-hand tree. Initially only Base Infrastructure is shown but as you add new tenants via the MSP section they will also be displayed in the tree. These are top-level and when expanded out you’ll see Networks, Sites, ect. under them.

I see now the only way to enable the MSP feature is in cnMasetroX, which requires a cnMaestroX entitlement for every single piece of hardware. This is not sustainable for us as we are not prepared to increase our MSP service charges across the board enough to cover that expense.

With that in mind, how do I provide access for a user to a single site in cnMaestro?