Interconnection of 5 epmp3000

Hello everyone, I have a query, we want to implement 5 nodes with epmp3000 distributed in an environment for a wide area network, I would like to know what is the best way to interconnect the epmp3000 with each other, taking into account that they will be separated approximately 5KM , I can interconnect them using force300-25 or what would be the best practice.

We have a number of Force 300 point-to-point backhauls, and the work well. However, if you can get Force 400 and IF you can get the signals down into the mid -50s then the speed and performance of the Force 400c or Force 425 will be really fast.

But most importantly, get the signals and SNR as good as you can, in order to get the modulations as high as you can. If you only have mediocre signals and modulations, then you’ll only get about the same mediocre performance, regardless of the type of radio.

Hi @Julio_Hector_Aguilar,
you can try our Link Planner tool to play with different radios for your network design.

how much do you want to spend? how clean is the 5ghz spectrum in your area?

If you have enough clean spectrum to run 40mhz channels then force300-25s make ok backhauls, better would require a few e3kLs and a couple 2ft dishes (highly recommend kpp pro dishes, but ubnt rd5g-30 work too) and use frequency reuse method to build a ptp line SM-AP/AP-SM/SM-AP etc. This will allow you to have a syncd ptp backhaul and make efficient use of available spectrum. Just remember to keep the frame ratios in the correct directions or you will have troubles or just go 50/50 for everything and not worry

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