Interestin in

Interestin in

how many people can use inet traffik on example: 100mb channl  (10mb each)

- theoretically , practically

- taking(and not) into account rush hour 


Cambium has some really nice documentation available for their radios.

I highly reccomend that you take a look in the EPMP product page, and read them all. 

The following link is for the "Understanding Troughput capacity" of the EPMP line paper.
it is very descriptive of what can be expected, and the factors that affect the performance of a sector // AP.

the point of quest-n is 

 for example: i have 100mb chann(dosnt matter how can i get it: camb,fiber,oth)

     and now i must give it t subscr-ers (10mb to each) 

what max quantity of subscr-ers can use Inet.


it depends how your customers whill use internet, you can go with 10 to 1 oversubscription ratio and connect  100 of them! 

you mean  100 subs-ers (10mb each) by 100mb  channl link


100 subs with 10Mbit plans on 100Mbit backhaul, maybe more maybe less but it depends on number of factors.

Hard to say hard to say  with no information on what are you trying to do!


and who has experience in tha issue pls.  write to th forum

It depends.  If a service is good enough so that users can stream reliably, they'll use, on average, about 1.5mbps at peak times.  It doesn't matter if they're a 10mbps connection or a gig fiber connection, as long as they can stream reliably, they'll use 1.5mbps at peak.  This is based on my userbase, which is in the US, other countries/demographics may use more/less.

So, 67 users would saturate that 100mbps link in the evening/peak time.  You'd probably want to give yourself some breathing room, so 50-60 users would be more realistic.  And you also have to keep in mind that while 1.5mbps is the average now, a year from now it will likely be closer to 2mbps.


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