Interesting problems with SM's

So first off I apologize if this is in the wrong area.

I work for a small WISP in Moab Utah and for some time now we’ve been seeing an interesting problem where in a small given area there are a ton of Ethernet disconnects on the SM’s.

For example as of right now the most affected client has

Ethernet Link Detected : 85
Ethernet Link Lost : 84

The last time I looked at this before rebooting the SM it was at 305/304

These are 2.4GHZ units and we’ve tried to replace all the hardware on the client side, including the Ethernet cable. Now the interesting thing is that people further away from this area are not affected by this problem, out on the fringes of the AP’s range. We can’t for the life of us figure out what’s happening with this since it appears the physical link is being dropped for some reason. Could this be some kind of funky interference hitting the cable?

The other option we has was to move this customer to a 900MHZ unit and hope that solves the problem. Any thoughts?

What is the time frame? EG, ethernet link down/back 84 times isn’t unusual if the SM connects straight to a PC which is shut down regularly, provided the time frame is reasonable. 3-5 times a day I would consider ‘normal’.

That said, we see this problem with 900mhz Canopy SMs from time to time, almost 100% of the time when we see it the ethernet port on the SM has been damaged by (we deduce) static discharge relating to nearby lightning strikes. When that happens, we often see it chew through 30-40 down/up cycles in one minute…


Honestly it varies quite a bit. Some times we can see it span a day or two, other times it can happen in minutes. Since I made the first post it’s at 117/116 now.

Her system goes through a router, and no power outages or anything have been reported in that area. Also when we look at a number of other customers on other AP’s we see a 1/0, where as people in this area are seeing quite a bit of disconnecting happening. I know that when we saw the 305/304 ratio, that particular SM had been up about 9 minutes.

Router, power supply, cable or radio.

Start swapping

What firmware is on the radios and AP’s?

Durrrrr wrote:
Router, power supply, cable or radio.

Start swapping

All the Hardware has been swapped. And I do mean ALL of it

Firmware Version is CANOPY 11.0.1 AP-DES

Have you tried setting the duplex to 10M-Auto?

are you using shield cable?

if not check and make sure the cable is a foot or so away from high voltage if it is running the same dirrection.
we ran into a few problems like this and we started to use sheiled cable on every install inside the home and regular uv outside

things you can do to make your cable more noise tollerant is dropping the ethernet rate to 10m/ half you’ll get 5x5 thruput.

change how the positive and negative power leads travel the cable… rewire your rj45s like so:

pin 1 white orange
pin 2 orange
pin 3 white green
pin 4 blue
pin 5 brown
pin 6 green
pin 7 white blue
pin 8 white brown

that basiclly gets the voltage pin out to travel down the wire in the same positions of the standard POE, which from what i’ve read causes a little less “noise” on the data pairs