Interface VLANS Issue cnMatrix

I am trying to set a specific Ip address on a interface VLAN. When I check the configuration it shows me a # on the Ip address and on top it says “no ip address”. I have assigned the VLAN to a port and had a device plugged in. When I check the config, the results are the same. I have deleted the interface vlan and re-added, with no shutdown, still no change. I have added to the GUI, as well. On the running config it still show the # symbol on the ip address and says “no ip address”

Is there a configuration I am missing to remove the # from the config?

interface vlan 1
# ip address dhcp
ip address
no shutdown
ipv6 enable
interface vlan 210
no ip address
# ip address
no shutdown

That is ok, i also thought that command is not ok (it looks like a comment) but in last version of firmware it has that # in front of the command.
On versions 3.x there was no #, but in 4.1.1. it is there, no logic for that :roll_eyes:


This is a known display issue in the command ‘show running-config’ and has been addressed in the upcoming release 4.2. It does not impact the switch functional, and the static ip address of the vlan interface. You can confirm the proper ip address installed on the VLAN using the command ‘show ip interface’.