Interferance issue

Hi Gents

that two PTP 600 Links I use It , I Have Strong Interferance On Both Links

So Any Body have Solution To Avoid this Interfernce Or there Is Any Other Equipment I Can Use It To Prevent This Interferance From My Link


Hi Mohamed,

I would like to know if these 2 links are on the same tower or on 2 different towers. If they are on the same tower, we can use a PTP Sync unit which will help you in minimizing the self intereference. 


Vivek Gupta

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Hi Mohamed

As you ask for other equipment options, I would recommend the PTP450i in high-interference environments. We've had them outperforming even the PTP650 when the noise floor has been exceptionally bad; the new dynmic  interference filter really works well.

Our test link had such high noise a 650 was unable to maintain a stable link in 20MHz channel, and we ran it in 5MHz channels as a result. The 450i was able to use the 20MHz channels and increased throuput as a result of using 20MHz vs 5MHz.